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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ne-Yo - One Life :: Music Lyrics & Videos

R&B star's Ne-Yo, is set to follow-up the chart-topping success of 'Beautiful Monster', with another new song 'One Life'. This is Ne-Yo's third official single from his much anticipated album. You can listen to the song by Ne-Yo - 'One Life' lyrics available below grab from YouTube site.

Artist : Ne-Yo
Song Title : One Life

Ne-Yo - One Life Lyrics :

You only get one life
(one life, one life, one life)
You only get one life
(one life, one life, one life)

Yeah yeah

Smile sometimes
Cry sometimes
Stop and take a moment to breathe
(Hey, hey, hey)
Stay up late, out all night
Sit at home and just watch some TV
(Hey, hey, hey)
When they come to write your story
Tell me what will they say (-ay)
Life can be a lovely picture
If you paint it that way
Starting today, today

If you never did before
And you never do again
Let's live today like there's no tomorrow
So no matter who you are
Do yourself a favor
And live as if you know

Love as if you know
You only get one life (whow)
You only get one life (whoow)

Keep your friends by your side
But appreciate time to yourself