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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Alva Leigh – Calling Me :: Ringtone, Music Videos & Lyrics

22-year old piano-playing singer-songwriter, Alva Leigh has came out with a beautiful song title 'Calling Me'. It is not confirm yet weather this song is going to be include to her upcoming album or not. However this beautiful song with a smooth voice is currently hits to the net recently. Check out guys..!!

Artist : Alva Leigh
Song Title : Calling Me

Alva Leigh – Calling Me Lyrics :

When the rest of the world is asleep

Do you remember that night when you and me
Pulled down the steeple of ash
The rain was coming down, I was filthy and black?
Sometimes I feel that my time
On earth is sorta defined
And my life is calling me

And I wonder what else it could be

There are times that I see and don't see
Sometimes I feel that I'm changed
By those women on the hill in the rain
In this vision of earthly decay

I see that time will bear us all away
But I'm sad I won't be here to see it fade