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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cheryl Cole - The Flood :: Ringtone, Mp3, Music Videos & Lyrics

The Flood is the second single by English singer Cheryl Cole. This song is from her upcoming second studio album, 'Messy Little Raindrops' which will be available in stores from November 1, 2010 via Fascination Records. Check out guys..!!

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Artist : Cheryl Cole
Song Title : The Flood

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Cheryl Cole - The Flood Lyrics :

But you can’t hold on to water
It fills you up but never stays
It’s only good to wash away, today
And your loving me like water
Your slippin’ through my fingers such
A natural disaster love
Bringing on the flood, the flood
Love me like a flood, a flood
Bring it on

Stay tonight out, by the beach house, it’s all so quiet
Lit a candle candle, by the window, so you might find it
Hope you know you’ll always have a place to call your home
Still, I can’t help but think, I could have…

... ... ... ... ...